Healthy Texas Women (HTW)

The Healthy Texas Women (HTW) is a Medicaid waiver, limited-benefit program that serves as a health care safety net for Texas women aged 15-44. 


Services covered include:

    • Birth control
    • Cancer screenings
    • Chronic disease testing & treatment


Vital healthcare source for under-resourced Texans:

  • Approximately 375,000- 475,000 women enrolled annually
  • Provided by 3,000 healthcare providers


Program Growth:

  • Served 190,000 women in 2022 (4.4% increase from FY 2020)
  • An additional 98,000 women were moved into the program as of February 2024 after the unwinding


Program Funding: 

  • $283,847,109 dollars in Federal and State Funding was invested into the program for FY 24- FY 25


Program Challenges:

  • Long & arduous application forms
  • Delayed application processing times
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