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TWHC Presents: The 87th Legislative Session Report

By Perdita Henry

If there is a term to describe the Texas Women’s Healthcare Coalition’s (TWHC) approach to the 87th Texas Legislative Session, it would be semper gumby. Latin for always flexible, that ability would prove to be an invaluable trait as we navigated pandemic challenges, proposed pre-session women’s health program funding cuts, survived severe weather, and entered the new world of virtual legislative meetings.

As the dust settled, and we counted small – but important – victories and examined the challenges still to overcome, we got to work on our report of what happened and the work that needs to be done during the interim.

In the report, you’ll learn more about the budgetary concerns, lingering pandemic challenges, and programmatic changes that took place ahead of the session. Then, we’ll do a deep dive into the budget and how it might shape the women’s health programs, look at legislation that passed and some that didn’t, and what work needs to be done ahead of the 88th legislative session.


Be sure to join us Wednesday, August 25, at 11 – 11:45 a.m. as we walk through of our legislative report on the 87th session. We’ll talk a bit more about interim work and other possible advocacy opportunities.

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