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Member Spotlight: The Consortium of Texas Certified Nurse Midwives

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

By Perdita Henry

Eighty-Four-member organizations from all over the state of Texas are what make the Texas Women’s Healthcare Coalition strong. All of them with different expertise that aim to support and assist their clients, members, or associates. Collectively, they all share a passion for improving of women’s healthcare and contraceptive access.

Coalition member, the Consortium of Texas Certified Nurse Midwives (CTCNM), is there for women embarking on the epic journey of motherhood. I recently got the chance to speak with CTCNM President, Erin Biscone, MSN, BSN, BA, to learn more about the organization and why being a TWHC member is important.

Can you tell me more about your organization and its work?

The Consortium of Texas Certified Nurse Midwives is the name of the Texas State Affiliate of the American College of Certified Nurse-Midwives (ACNM). Our primary purpose is to promote and improve healthcare outcomes for the women and newborns of Texas. We advocate for the practice of Texas nurse-midwives in the healthcare system as an ideal way to achieve safe, high quality, cost-effective, and satisfying care for women and newborns.

What do you wish more people knew about preconception care and its importance to women’s health as they decide to start families?

When a woman has access to healthcare before conception and works with her provider to improve her overall health and wellbeing, there is a corresponding positive impact on her reproductive health. In turn, this has potential health benefits for her offspring. Both maternal and infant mortality and morbidity can be reduced by providing women of childbearing age the tools to improve their health through access to quality healthcare.

How are midwives uniquely positioned to assist women in the journey to motherhood?

The midwifery model of care promotes high quality, low-intervention care, focused on the individual needs and circumstances of each women. Certified nurse-midwives honor the normalcy of a woman’s reproductive lifecycle, while using appropriate interventions and technology as indicated for any anomalies. Evidence shows that midwifery care is the optimal care for most childbearing women and improves outcomes for mothers and their babies.

How does TWHC help your organization accomplish its mission?

Access to care and preconception care are integral parts of improving healthcare outcomes for women and newborns, our primary mission.

Why was it important for CTCNM to become a member of TWHC?

Certified nurse-midwives value working in collaboration with other members of the healthcare profession, and the diverse membership of TWHC allows us to collaborate with many colleagues and community leaders on important policy and advocacy issues.

From your perspective, what are the primary benefits of membership?

TWHC’s mission to improve the health and well-being of women, babies, and families by ensuring access to preventative care – including contraception – for all Texas women, is well-aligned with the mission of CTCNM. By partnering with TWHC and its member organizations, we can be more effective in our advocacy.

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